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Croatian voice over recording services for your project

We provide voice over recording services for your image film, e-learning course, or commercial with native Croatian voice talents in close cooperation with reliable partner studios directly in Croatia.

Croatian is the official language of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. But also, regionally in Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary and Austria, Croatian is an official language. Approximately 4 million people speak Croatian as their mother tongue, another 3 million as a second language.

The Croatian language belongs to the South Slavic languages within the Indo-European language family. Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian are almost identical languages that were treated as “Serbo-Croatian” as a common language during the period of socialist Yugoslavia. Croatian was only recognized as an independent language after the break-up of Yugoslavia. The greatest differences between Croatian and Bosnian and Serbian are to be found mainly in the vocabulary.

The Croatian standard language developed from the following 3 main dialects: Kajkavian in northeastern Croatia, Chakavian in Istria and on the coast of central and northern Dalmatia and Shtokavian in Slavonia, Lika, southern Dalmatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatian uses an extended Latin script and the grammar is, with a few exceptions, identical to Bosnian and Serbian. There are 7 cases: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, instrumental and locative. The sentence structure in Croatian follows the SVO scheme (subject-verb-object), as for example also in English, German or Russian.

Voice over recordings in Croatian are carried out in professional recording studios located in Croatia. We work with native speakers who have a perfect command of the Croatian language and are trained professional voice talents.

A selection of our productions with Croatian voice talents:

  • Regular voice over recordings for e-learning courses for Daimler Truck
  • Voice over recordings, voice castings and buyout management for commercials for the Werner & Mertz brand Frosch and Bison (UHU)
  • Voice over recordings for corporate videos for Zoll Medical
  • Audio production for telephone-based patient survey systems for ICON
  • Audio- and video production of explanation videos for clinical trials for ICON
  • Voice over recordings for educational videos for the European Commission

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