We offer

  • Multilingual voice over recordings in over 100 languages
  • Holistic support from pre-production to post-production
  • Efficient workflows, individually tailored to your project
  • On-schedule deliveries in the desired audio format

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You benefit from

  • Efficient and central handling of all project languages
  • Guaranteed studio quality from reliable partner studios
  • Uniform sound quality in all project languages
  • Competent support in technical as well as linguistic and cultural questions

mt.recordings ยป Multilingual Voice Over Agency

We provide multilingual voice over recording services in over 100 languages with more than 4,000 voice talents in over 200 partner studios worldwide.

About our agency

Our team consists of experts from various fields of media localization and has more than 20 years of experience. The term “localization” is used in the multimedia sector to describe the translation of a product as well as the adaptation of the technical, linguistic, and cultural requirements to a specific target market.

Before founding our agency, we worked in various positions and implemented numerous projects for renowned localization companies. For example, we were responsible for the production of media for campaigns for the simultaneous launch of software in various target markets and localized numerous tutorials, web-based trainings (WBTs), image films and navigation systems.

Due to our comprehensive experience, we know what is important when implementing multilingual media productions. We also know how a smooth workflow can be ensured while avoiding additional costs.

Since 2008, our agency has specialized in the production of multilingual voice over recordings. We have already successfully produced more than 10,000 voice over recordings for corporate clients, e-learning and marketing purposes. Our agency produces voice over recordings for image films, explanatory videos, tutorials and web-based trainings as well as radio, TV, cinema and online commercials.

With our range of more than 100 languages and language variants, we cover all the important target markets. We have access to our network of more than 4,000 voice talents and over 200 partner studios worldwide. To ensure quality, we only commission qualified recording studios and native speakers in their respective home countries.

We are your contact hub, and we ensure that multilingual voice over recordings are carried out smoothly throughout the entire production process.

Professional voice over recordings.
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