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This is what our French productions sound like

Kurzgesagt » Educational Video in French
Audi » Marketing Video in French
BZgA » Educational Video in French
Bernina » Corporate Video in French
Kurzgesagt » Educational Video in French
Alpecin » Commercial Spot in French
Compo Expert » Corporate Video in French
BZgA » Educational Video in French
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen » Product Video in French
UNIDO » Educational Video in French
Bernina » Corporate Video in French
Adobe » Marketing Video in French

French voice over recording services for your project

We provide voice over recording services for your image film, e-learning course, or commercial with native French voice talents in close cooperation with reliable partner studios directly in France.

French is the official language of France as well as one of the 24 official languages of the European Union. In France, over 60 million people speak French as their native language. French is also the official language of the African Union, the Organization of American States, and one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

French belongs to the Romance group of the Italian subgroup of Indo-Germanic languages and is, therefore, closely related to Italian, Spanish, Occitan, Catalan, Portuguese, and Romanian.

Like the other Romance languages, French developed from the spoken Latin language referred to as “Vulgar Latin”. Moreover, numerous terms of Celtic origin have been preserved in French vocabulary. From the 17th century onwards, the French language found its way into European aristocracy and was also spoken by intellectuals and educated people.

The French spoken today in France dates back to a dialect spoken in the wider surroundings of Paris. Even today, many dialects are still spoken in the different regions of the country.

The colonization that originated in the 16th century brought the French language to many countries of the world. Today, about 80 million people worldwide speak French as their native language. Over 274 million people in over 50 countries speak French.

Most French-speaking people outside of France live in its overseas territories as well as Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, many West and Central African countries, Haiti, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

The varieties of French spoken throughout the world often differ in their specific vocabulary, grammatical peculiarities, and various pronunciations and accents.

We have already implemented a considerable number of projects in French for France, including on-board announcements and hotlines for Emirates airline, numerous web-based training courses (WBTs) for the automobile manufacturer BMW, Honeywell, Eli Lilly, Wacker Neuson, and DS SolidWorks; voice announcements for the defibrillator manufacturer Zoll Medical, DB, Novartis, and Pfizer; educational videos for the United Nations (UN) and the International Red Cross; a virtual tour for Lufthansa, product videos for Adobe, Nemetschek, and Heidelberg AG; TV commercials for Dr. Wolff and Babbel, radio ads for La Halle; voice over recordings for a documentary on the construction of the Makkah Royal Clock Tower in Mecca, the complete production of explanatory videos for the pharmaceutical company ICON, and many more.

Voice over recordings in French for France are carried out in professional recording studios located in France. We work with native speakers who have a perfect command of the French language and are trained professional voice talents.

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