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This is what our Swiss Standard German productions sound like

WORKCONTROL » Explanation Video in Swiss Standard German
Berner Kantonsverwaltung » Explanation Video in Swiss Standard German
SOCAR » Radio Spot in Swiss Standard German
Gesundheitscluster Lengg » Explanation Video in Swiss Standard German
VP Bank » Brand Movie in Swiss Standard German
NCCR SwissMAP » Educational Video in Swiss Standard German
NCCR SwissMAP » Educational Video in Swiss Standard German
Age-Stiftung » Educational Video in Swiss Standard German

Swiss Standard German voice over recording services for your project

We provide voice over recording services for your image film, e-learning course, or commercial with native Swiss Standard German voice talents in close cooperation with reliable partner studios directly in Switzerland.

German for Switzerland, also known as Swiss Standard German, is one of the four official languages in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Swiss Standard German is the most spoken language in Switzerland and has official language status in 17 of the 26 cantons. In four additional cantons, Swiss Standard German is one of the official languages. Approximately 6.5 million people in Switzerland and Liechtenstein speak Swiss Standard German as their mother tongue or second language.

The German language is generally one of the Germanic languages within the Indo-European language family. Swiss Standard German must not be confused with the term Swiss German, which is the umbrella term for the dialects spoken in Switzerland. Swiss Standard German is spoken in news broadcasts by public broadcasters, in school lessons, at universities, in the parliaments of German-speaking cantons and during debates in the federal parliament.

In Switzerland, dialects are usually more highly regarded than in the rest of the German-speaking world. In everyday life, Swiss-Germans speak Swiss Standard German only with people who do not understand Swiss dialects. The German dialects of Switzerland are understood by all Swiss, so that communications between Swiss people rarely take place in Swiss Standard German.

Swiss Standard German is characterized by many special features in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation of the varieties occurring outside Switzerland and Liechtenstein. These peculiarities are called “Helvetisms” in linguistics.

Voice over recordings in Swiss Standard German are carried out in professional recording studios located in Switzerland. We work with native speakers who have a perfect command of the Swiss Standard German language and are trained professional voice talents.

A selection of our productions with German voice talents for Switzerland:

  • Voice over recordings, voice castings and buyout management for commercial spots for Charles Vögele and Socar
  • Voice over recordings for the telephone system for Sunrise
  • Audio production for telephone-based patient survey systems for ICON
  • Audio production for corporate videos for Wüest Partner, OVB, VP Bank and Früh
  • Voice over recordings for employee videos for Credit Suisse
  • Voice over recordings for explanation videos for Helsana, WORKCONTROL and the Berner Kantonalverwaltung
  • Voice over recordings for web based trainings (WBTs) for Sonic E-Learning

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