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Reward Foundation » Educational Video in Latin Spanish
ICRC » Explanation Video in Latin Spanish
Kurzgesagt » Educational Video in Latin Spanish
Kurzgesagt » Educational Video in Latin Spanish

Latin Spanish voice over recording services for your project

We provide voice over recording services for your image film, e-learning course, or commercial with native Latin Spanish voice talents in close cooperation with reliable partner studios directly in South America.

Spanish for Latin America (also known as Latin American Spanish or Latin Spanish) is a variant of the Spanish language and the official language in the Latin American countries of Central America, South America and the Caribbean. In these countries, about 400 million people speak Spanish as their mother tongue. Spanish is the primary official language of the African Union, the Organization of American States, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, the Union of South American Nations and the United Nations.

The word part “Latin” refers to Latin as the origin of the Romance languages. The Spanish language belongs to the Romance branch of the Indo-European language family and forms the closer unity of the Ibero-Romanic language family with Aragonese, Asturleonese, Galician and Portuguese.

The colonization of Latin America by the Spaniards from the 16th century onwards ensured the widespread use of the Spanish language in Latin American countries. As centuries have passed since colonization, the Spanish language in Latin America shows greater differences from European Spanish. For example, there are greater divergences in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Many differences are due to the influence of indigenous languages, which varies from region to region.

In Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, the influence of US English to the Spanish vocabulary is also evident. Latin American vocabulary in the Spanish language often uses ancient terms and therefore sounds more archaic than European Spanish.

A characteristic feature of Latin American is the language melody, which differs greatly from Castilian Spanish. It varies from region to region and differs considerably in the different Latin American countries. In addition, the vocabulary and pronunciation in the various Latin American countries also differ significantly.

Due to a very neutral pronunciation, speakers from Mexico and Colombia are often booked for recordings for the Latin American target market. Their pronunciation is easy to understand for the majority of people in South and Central America and is perceived as pleasant.

We have already implemented several projects in Latin American Spanish, including educational movies for the International Red Cross; video tutorials for the automobile manufacturer BMW; web-based training courses (WBTs) for Sonic E-Learning Inc., Infineon and Bosch Rexroth; telephone-based patient survey systems for the pharmaceutical companies ICON and Pfizer, the production of voice announcements for the defibrillator manufacturer Zoll Medical, as well as and the complete production of explanatory videos for the pharmaceutical company ICON.

Voice over recordings in Latin American Spanish are carried out in professional recording studios located in the countries of Central and South America. We work with native speakers who have a perfect command of the respective Latin American variant of the Spanish language and are trained professional voice talents.

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