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This is what our US American English productions sound like

Mettler Toledo » Product Video in US English
Bertelsmann Stiftung » Report in US English
Bernina » Corporate Video in US English
Skiplagged » Corporate Video in US English
Precire » Commercial Spot in US English
New Nordic School » Explanation Video in US English
Bernina » Corporate Video in US English
Babeltube » Corporate Video in US English

Voice over recording services in US American English for your project

We provide voice over recording services for your image film, e-learning course, or commercial with native English voice talents from North America in close cooperation with reliable partner studios directly in the USA.

The language English for North America (American English or also US English) is the description for the variety of the English language, as it is spoken in United States of America. Although there is no fixed national official language in the USA, English is de facto the national language. Over 210 million people in the USA speak English as their mother tongue, and most residents use English as their lingua franca.

The English language is a Germanic language that belongs to the West Germanic branch and was originally native to England. It developed from the early Middle Ages onwards through the immigration of North Sea Germanic peoples to Britain. Among them were also the Angles and the Saxons, from which the former common name of the language, Anglo-Saxon, is derived. The present name “English” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon people.

The English vocabulary was initially strongly influenced by North Germanic languages. After the conquest of England by the Normans, terms from French also found their way into the English vocabulary. Of the languages still spoken today, the Frisian languages and Low German are closely related to English.

Starting from England, English spread across the entire British Isles and became a world language in Australia, Africa and India, mainly due to the colonization of America and the colonial policy of Great Britain.

The American English differs from the other worldwide spoken varieties of English mainly by the pronunciation, partly in the vocabulary and by some few grammatical characteristics.

The most important differences to British English can be found in the spelling of the words. For example, terms that originate from Latin or French are written differently. Very often terms where certain letters are irrelevant for the pronunciations are simplified or abbreviated. The pronunciation of US English is very similar to the one that is used in Canada.

Voice over recordings in English for North America are carried out in professional recording studios located in the USA. We work with native speakers who have a perfect command of the American English language and are trained professional voice talents.

A selection of our productions with US English voice talents:

  • Regular voice over recordings for e-learning courses for Daimler Truck
  • Voice over recordings for corporate videos for Swiss Steel, Bernina, Generali, Elipslife, Nemetschek, Dätwyler, Roche, Sandoz, Suva and the Credit Suisse
  • Voice over recordings for web based trainings (WBTs) for the Deutsche Telekom, Bosch Rexroth und DS Solidworks
  • Audio production of voice announcements for Zoll Medical
  • Voice over recordings for product videos for Siemens Healthineers
  • Voice over recordings for explanation videos for Google and Bertelsmann
  • Audio production for telephone-based patient survey systems for ICON
  • Audio- and video production of explanation videos for clinical trials for ICON

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