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This is what our Brazilian Portuguese productions sound like

Kurzgesagt » Educational Video in Brazilian Portuguese
Kurzgesagt » Educational Video in Brazilian Portuguese
Siemens » Marketing Video in Brazilian Portuguese
Reward Foundation » Educational Video in Brazilian Portuguese
Adobe » Marketing Video in Brazilian Portuguese
Kurzgesagt » Educational Video in Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese voice over recording services for your project

We provide voice over recording services for your image film, e-learning course, or commercial with native Brazilian Portuguese voice talents in in close cooperation with reliable partner studios directly in Brazil.

Brazilian Portuguese is a variant of the Portuguese language and the official language of Brazil. Brazilian Portuguese, as it is spoken in Brazil, has nearly 200 million native speakers in Brazil.

The Brazilian-Portuguese language, like European Portuguese, is one of the Romance languages within the Indo-European language family. Portuguese was brought to Brazil by the colonization of Portugal in the 15th century.

Brazilian Portuguese is very different from the Portuguese pronunciation. In contrast to European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese sounds melodic and powerful. European Portuguese, on the other hand, sometimes sounds a little “mumbled” due to its attenuated vowels. It is therefore also possible that the Portuguese and Brazilian people find it difficult to understand each other because of the pronunciation.

Further differences to the European Portuguese are to be found e.g. also in the vocabulary: Brazilian Portuguese is characterized by Indianisms and influences of other indigenous languages. In Brazilian Portuguese, for example, the form of courtesy has been simplified by the abolition of the personal pronouns “tu” and “vós”. From colonization to the 18th century, the two variants of the Portuguese language developed independently. Today, both languages are converging again, for example through a common and uniform spelling.

We have already implemented a number of projects in Brazilian Portuguese, including in-flight announcements for the Emirates airline; many marketing and product videos for the software developer Adobe and the automotive supplier ZF; web-based training courses (WBTs) for the automobile manufacturer BMW, the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly or Sonic E-Learning Inc.; telephone-based patient survey systems for the pharmaceutical companies ICON and Pfizer; voice announcements recordings for the defibrillator manufacturer Zoll Medical, or voice prompt recordings for a navigation system for Pioneer.

Voice over recordings in Brazilian Portuguese are carried out in professional recording studios located in Brazil. We work with native speakers who have a perfect command of the Brazilian version of the Portuguese language and are trained professional voice talents.

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